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The genesis of MySmartStocks.com, an advanced and intelligent financial analytics is the brainchild tool conceptualized and architected by US educated and combined over 60 years of experienced technocrats, committed to help Mutual Fund managers, financial planners, wealth managers, intelligent retail investors in their continuous pursuit to locate the money making outperforming Indian stocks. MySmartStocks is a tool which locates and reports outperforming Indian stocks after careful review of past history of the stock market’s Highs and Lows applied to a selective time frame.

Conventionally, investor behavior is driven by tips, daily news paper, or equity reports from leading brokerage firms, Sensex, Nifty or by way of fundamental analysis. None of these methods ensure making money from stock market investments.

In the financial world, no one can predict the behavior of the stock market – it can go up, or down, or sideways. There are many factors that affect the pricing of any stock such as – company top line and bottom line growth, money rotation, cash flow, key financial ratios, global economy, GDP growth of the country, and so on.

An easy solution - MySmartStocks.com is an applied, proven and tested tool, developed by Padmam Capital Pvt Ltd with a focus on the above mentioned key indicators eliminates completely your dependence on any other source to finding good money making stocks.

MySmartStocks, a great tool with proprietary analytical engine which analyzes extensively thousands of BSE and NSE listed stocks of India and ranks outperforming stocks in just few minutes. It allows you to detect stocks which happen to perform better than the benchmarks.

Please keep in mind that equity investment is a subject matter of solicitation. User prudence is advised.

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Padmam Capital Pvt. Ltd. is a global services provider, has been delivering intelligent technology supported business solutions since 2001, consistently meeting the strategic objectives of today’s global business environment.

An ISO 9001 and BS 7799 (now ISO 27001) certified company offering innovative & diverse software products and technology driven solutions, backed by robust business analytics, best-in-class technology, and seamless integration

Padmam’s domain expertise is into finance, manufacturing, IT and ITES, delivering unsurpassed excellence, while rewarding every client with unparalleled customer satisfaction. Padmam’s IT Services business offers offshore and domestic software development in diverse areas including Software Products, Web based development, SaaS and the like whereas BPO services cover US Tax processing, Tax Research, and Accounting services for CPAs and Professional Organizations.

The highly skilled and rapidly expanding team of Padmam Capital Pvt. Ltd. has extensive experience in handling a range of projects for corporations world-wide. We fully understand the suppliers of domestic or offshore services needs to be wholly consistent, this is just not what we are but what we do.

We would like to discuss our organization and the benefits which we may provide to you.

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