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Comprehensive Analysis

(This is the most comprehensive analysis you will find out about your stock.)

Fundamental View - Complete structural view of 52w pricing and dividend.

STOCKEX TM - Display of stocks’s current wealth creation index.

Sectoral Ranking - Ranking within its own sector as per wealth creation along with other competing stocks’ indexes and reference details.


analysis helps you find any trends (bullish or bearish) within last 2 years along with its upwards or downwards movements. For example, as on 20 Dec 2012 UNITED BREWA has been in bullish trend since 27 Jul 2012 providing up to over 87% gain.

Winners And Losers

Cross Reference - It is very convenient to track performance after recommendation of such stock as found below where UNITED BREWA after being detected as Bulls on 12 Dec 2011 ran up over 15% and nearly 50% within 50 and 100 trading days respectively.