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Using past and present analysis, you know about which stocks have rewarded the investors. However, it is far more important for investors to know which stocks and which sectors will provide investment returns in future.

For example, BULLS – Recommendation as BULLS in MySmartStocks.com is carefully researched and derived for possible returns within 400 calendar days of investment. Typically this is suited for long term investor

Similarly, there are other types on recommendations as well such as Leaders, High Fliers, Momentum and so on.

Conventionally, investor behavior is driven by tips, daily news paper, or equity reports from leading brokerage firms, Sensex, Nifty or by way of fundamental analysis. None of these methods ensure making money from stock market investments.

In the financial world, no one can predict the behavior of the stock market – it can go up, or down, or sideways. There are many factors that affect the pricing of any stock such as – company top line and bottom line growth, money rotation, cash flow, key financial ratios, global economy, GDP growth of the country, and so on.

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